600 Series Gas Electric Stove DGS 179


600 Series Gas Electric Stove

DGS 179

Electronic Ignition

The control knob is simply held down and turned to the left (counterclockwise) during this time the ignition button is pushed and held for approximately 10 seconds, whereupon the gas is lit.

Flame Failure Safety Device

As a safety feature, should the flame extinguish for whatever reason the flow of gas to the burner will automatically be terminated.

Air-cooled Oven Door

As hot air rises and escapes through slots at the top of the oven, it is replaced with cool air from the bottom – the constant flow of air keeps the glass door cool.

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Freestanding Gas & Gas Electric Stove

• 3 Gas Burners
• 1 Solid Plate
• Electric Ignition
• Variable Burner Control
• Flame Failure Safety Device
• Cast Iron Pan Supports
• Electric Oven with Bake and Grill Function
• Gross Volume: 68L
• Utility Compartment
• Easy-clean Enamel Oven Interior
• Double Glass Door
• Roast Pan and Chrome Shelf
• Dimensions (H x W x D):
920 x 600 x 600 mm

Static Oven:
• Static Bake
• Static Grill


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600 Series Gas Electric Stove DGS 179