600 Series Gas Electric Stove DGS 182


600 Series Gas Electric Stove


The 66L Defy 600 Premium Gas Electric Stove brings the best of both worlds to any kitchen. This impressive cooking machine is fitted with the latest gas electric features to give your home the best cooking technology available today. The electric oven is equipped with Defys’ legendary trademarked Thermofan cooking technology. The top presents 4 high quality cast iron burners. Experience unmatched cooking at its best with South Africa’s number one appliance brand.

  • Applicable Models: DGS182

Multifunction Oven

The multifunction core design has six options to make life easier in the kitchen, giving you the ultimate convenience.


Produce more succulent roasts and give your baking better texture, with lowered temperatures due to the Thermofan’s airflow – saving electricity costs and consumption.


Achieve conveniently quick results when defrosting frozen food; with the fan at the back of the oven circulating air at room temperature – producing consistent thawing results.

Thermofan Bake

Using both baking trays at the same time, dishes can be cooked simultaneously without any flavour or aroma transfer. Unlike conventional ovens, the door may be conveniently opened at anytime for inspecting food without any risk.

Turbo Grill

Reduces moisture loss when grilling thick pieces of meat and fish, with both fan and grilling elements used for fast and even cooking.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout
• 4 Gas Burners
• Electric Ignition
• Variable Burner Control
• Flame Failure Safety Device
• Cast Iron Pan Supports
• Electric Multifunction Oven
• Gross Volume : 66L
• Easy Clean Enamel Oven
• Double Glass Door
• Roast Pan & Chrome Shelf
• White
• Dimensions (H X W X D):
605 X 565 X 565
Multifunction oven
• Thermofan Bake
• Fan Assisted Static Bake
• Static Bake
• Static Grill
• Turbo Grill
• Variable Grill Control


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600 Series Gas Electric Stove DGS 182