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Are you feeling maxed out by your busy schedule, hectic life, huge work expectations and the like? Sometimes even the best multi-taskers, go-getters, and busy bees burn out. We aim to support you in the now so that your future doesn’t look like that. When you buy this mattress, you’re repurchasing your lifeline to sanity and peace. Let us help you get ahead with our Rest Assured Max 2 – Queen Mattress from the Matrix range. The key to all of this? Quality sleep. You can’t get that if you don’t have a quality mattress to help you.

Here’s why we think you should consider Rest Assured Max 2 – Queen Mattress:

  • Simplification of your Schedule:
    With our No-turn mattress, you no longer have to worry about remembering to flip your mattress. Our No turn double spring unit makes for the convenience without the loss of any no-turn mattress bounce and firmness.
  • Equality for all:
    Our unique and increased pressure distribution system ensures that you and your partner can both thoroughly enjoy your respective sides without fear of complaint as this mattress minimizes the spread of the movement.
  • Bounce Back:
    Our twin tempered sleep support system and continuous coil mattress make for a rejuvenating, supported, satisfying sleep experience. The incredible support offered by these mechanisms will genuinely enhance your rest.
  • Resting Weary Limbs:
    Our interlocking coils with dual-directional response provide relief for strained muscles. Our perfect sleeping posture support offers healthy alignment for your body while you sleep, ensuring enhanced recuperation for strains and aches.
  • No more Cheeky Edges:
    Our reinforced edge supports makes that you can utilize all of your bed all of the time. You won’t have to stress about unreliable sides anymore.
  • Gracious Guarantees:
    Our incredible twelve-year service warranty and two-year guarantee enable you to buy this mattress without worries. Not only does our product boast high durability and quality, but it also boasts real-life insurances too.

We could go on about our soft, high-quality quilted covers, the allowance of 120kg per person per side, and more… But that’s enough for now. If you’re ready to move forward with us, then purchase your very own Max 2 now.

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Facts & Features:

  • Continuous Coil mattress
  • No turn double spring unit quality mattress
  • Twin Tempered sleep support system
  • Interlocking coils with dual-directional response
  • Increased pressure distribution for maximum comfort
  • No sagging edges – reinforced edge support
  • Perfect sleeping posture support
  • No-Turn mattress
  • 12 Year Service Warranty
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 120kg Per Person


Note : All mattress with supplier approved micro fiber base slate base


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cloud nine / rest assured max 2 mattress