Defy 555lt Side by Side F740 Eco E WD M FridgeFreezer

Eco Efficiency

Manufactured with environmentally friendly materials.


A Energy

Lower your energy consumption, reducing electricity costs and benefiting the environment


Fast Freeze

A special setting specifically for fresh meat and fish storage, in which they are rapidly frozen to ensure their cell structures don’t deteriorate – keeping nutritional value and flavors intact.


Superior Frost Free

A Superior Frost Free system eliminates the need for manual defrosting. It also helps to cut down on electricity costs. When ice accumulates inside the freezer, it decreases the effectiveness of the unit and uses more energy to maintain the right temperature.


Vacation Mode For Energy Saving

This extra energy-saving mode keeps the freezer working as normal and allows the fridge compartment to go on vacation when you do.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout
• A+ Energy Rated
• Dual Cooling Technology (Frost Free)
• Net Volume: 555Lt
• Fridge Net Volume: 365Lt
• Freezer Net Volume: 190Lt
• Electronic Touch Display
• Water Dispenser
• Fast Freeze / Cool
• Satin Metallic


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Defy 555lt Side by Side F740 Eco E WD M FridgeFreezer