Gemini Gourmet Multifunction Double Oven DBO 468


Gemini Gourmet Multifunction Double Oven

DBO 468

Eco Energy Efficient

Manufactured with environmentally friendly

Air-cooled Oven Door

As hot air rises and escapes through slots at the top of the oven, it is replaced with cool air from the bottom – the constant flow of air keeps the glass door cool.

Largest Oven Capacity

Prepare large meals effortlessly or cook more dishes at the same time and save electricity with a spacious interior – ideal for bulk cooking and family feasts.

Multifunction Oven

The multifunction core design has six options to make life easier in the kitchen, giving you the ultimate convenience.


Achieve conveniently quick results when defrosting frozen food; with the fan at the back of the oven circulating air at room temperature – producing consistent thawing results.


Produce more succulent roasts and give your baking better texture, with lowered temperatures due to the Thermofan’s airflow – saving electricity costs and consumption.

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Gemini Collection Double Oven

• Static (Top Oven), Multifunction (Bottom Oven) System
• Feast Master: Gross Volume: 89L /92L & Net Volume: 79L / 82L
• Touch Control Timer
• Aluminium handle
• Chromed Shelves and Removable Shelf Rails
• Push-In Pop-Out (PIPO) Knobs
• Temperature range 70ºC to 230ºC
• Both ovens can be used as warmer compartments
• Easy-clean Enamel Oven Interior
• Cool Touch Double Glass Door
• Roast Pan and Bake Trays included
• Invisa- Bake
• Mirror Glass
• Dimensions (H x W x D) :
1100 x 730 x 600 mm

Bottom oven multifunction thermofan:
• Defrost
• Thermofan bake
• Fan-assisted static bake
• Thermofan
• Turbo grill
• Variable grill control

Top oven static:
• Bake function


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Gemini Gourmet Multifunction Double Oven DBO 468