L455 Upright Larder DFD 447

No Frost

A no frost system eliminates the need for manual defrosting. It also helps to cut down on electricity cost. When ice accumulates inside the freezer, it decreases the effectiveness of the unit and uses more energy to maintain the right temperature. In no frost fridges there is no ice accumulation, helping to save on electricity cost.


A+ Energy

A+ energy efficient fridges consume 20% less energy than A class fridges, helping to reduce electricity costs and benefit the environment.


Antibacterial Seal

Antibacterial door seals prevent the accumulation of bacteria, improving hygiene and shielding both the fridge and freezer compartments.


Fresh Store Compartment

A chiller compartment with a temperature at 0°C is ideal for storing food just before use as it preserves the taste as well as prolongs its freshness. It offers the perfect solution for safe thawing of meats as bacteria is inhibited at this temperature. This specialised compartment is perfect for fish, meats, cheese and any dairy related produce.

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Upright Larder /Freezer 

• A+ Energy efficiency
• Stainless steel finish
• Frost Free
• 375 Litre total net volume
• LED lighting
• Antibacterial door seal
• Chiller – 31 Litre
• Fresh food – 344 Litre
• Touch control display
• Active ionizer
• Door open alarm
• Blue light technology
• Quick cool feature
• Reversible doors
• Full width, chrome coated wine rack
• Dimensions (H x W x D)
1850 x 600 x 650 mm


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L455 Upright Larder DFD 447